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female dentist give patient a dental filling broomall paRelieve Pain and Protect Your Smile with Dental Fillings

A dental filling is a simple dental procedure that prevents tooth decay from spreading and causing severe harm to the affected tooth. By cleaning away the diseased area of the tooth, commonly known as a cavity, your dentist can help protect your teeth and stop nagging tooth pain in one quick visit.

At Legendary Smiles Dentistry in Havertown, PA, our top-rated dentists provide patients with expert dental fillings with minimal discomfort. Serving patients of Haverford, Broomall, and other nearby towns, Legendary Smiles is one of the most highly-rated dental practices in our area.

If you are experiencing sensitivity or tooth pain, schedule an appointment today with one of our friendly dentists to see if a filling is in order.

Dental Fillings: The Basics

While fillings are a standard procedure for many dentists across the country, not all patients fully understand what they are and why they are so critical for dental health.

Why do people get dental fillings?

Over time, sugars and acids in our food and drinks erode tooth enamel. When an area of the tooth deteriorates enough, it creates a cavity. A cavity that goes untreated can eventually expose the nerve, resulting in sensitivity and pain. At this point, the tooth itself may even become structurally unstable.

To stop the decay from spreading further (which could ultimately require a tooth removal), your dentist may perform a dental filling.

What does a dental filling do?

A dental filling stops tooth decay from spreading and refortifies the affected tooth. In many cases, a filling can prevent more costly dental work by repairing the tooth before it requires a root canal or tooth extraction.

How do I know if I need a filling?

Although your dentist can tell you with certainty whether or not you need a filling, there are signs that indicate you have a cavity that needs to be filled. Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks are signs your enamel is thinning, and pain can mean the nerve is already exposed.

If you notice pain or sensitivity while eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth, call us right away before the situation worsens.

The Process of Filling a Cavity

There are relatively few steps to filling a cavity compared to other, more complex dental procedures. While the filling itself can be completed in an hour or two, an initial appointment, usually a teeth cleaning, may be needed to assess the severity of the cavity and treatment options.

When you come in for your filling, your dentist and his or her assistants will numb the tooth and area of the mouth with the cavity. First, a topical anesthetic numbs the surface, so you don’t feel the local anesthetic, injected via a shot.

Once your mouth is finally numb, the doctor will use specialized cleaning instruments to remove the tooth decay around the cavity. This can take anywhere from fifteen to sixty minutes in most cases.

When the cavity is free of decay, the dentist will use one of four materials to fill the tooth: composite/plastic, amalgam/silver alloy, gold, or porcelain.

Once the filling material is set, your dentist will polish and smooth the filling so that it is comfortable to the bite and send you on your way! Simple as that.

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A cavity can lead to a range of consequences if left untreated. Don’t wait until you need an emergency 24 hr dentist. If you are experiencing discomfort from a cavity, contact us right away at 484-712-2010.

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