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Restore Your Smile with Painless Dental Implants

As an alternative to dentures, dental implant surgery provides a fixed solution to replace missing teeth. And even though the dental industry has seen an enormous improvement in oral hygiene overall, millions of people every year still experience tooth loss. Tooth implants from Legendary Smiles in Havertown provide you not only with a beautiful and full smile but with stability and functionality when eating and drinking as well.

The implants supports are made of titanium and are surgically fused to the jaw bone. Artificial teeth are then firmly attached to the implant support and are designed to match the color and size of the surrounding teeth. Implants sufficiently fill the gaps in your teeth, creating a complete smile that looks and feels natural.

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When consulting with a dentist near Broomall or Haverford for dental or denture implant surgery, you will hear a wide range of benefits for these dental appliances. Some of the many advantages include:

Durability – With proper upkeep, your dental implants may last a lifetime.
Comfort – You won’t experience the hassle and discomfort of shifting dentures while eating or the annoyance of large gaps between your teeth.
Painless Chewing – Eating and drinking will no longer cause severe pain and discomfort with new dental implants from Legendary Smiles near Haverford.
Reinforced Facial Tissues – When a person loses multiple teeth, their facial tissues can sag, making them appear older than they are. Dental implants restore the support of natural teeth to reinforce your facial muscles.
Improved Oral Health – With a full set of teeth, you’ll see improved oral hygiene which can help avoid the need for costly emergency dental services in the future.

At Legendary Smiles of Havertown, we understand that appearance means a lot to our patients. If you are worried about having a visible missing tooth, visit our experienced dentists so we can insert a dental implant with a temporary crown while you wait for molds to be taken. After the molds are made, a permanent crown for the titanium implant will be fabricated to fit comfortably into the mouth.

To qualify for dental implants, you must maintain healthy gums and good oral hygiene. Legendary Smiles of Havertown will consult with each patient individually if they heavily smoke, suffer from heart disease or any other chronic disorder to decide the best course of action for you moving forward.

If you want to keep your implant clean, proper oral health practices like brushing and flossing still apply. To ensure the teeth and gums maintain their health after your implant surgery, follow-up appointments must be made.

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At Legendary Smiles of Havertown, we always go the extra mile to discuss our procedures and make our patients feel relaxed and cared for. If you have any questions about the dental implant process or any of our other services such as full or partial dentures or dental veneers, do not hesitate to reach out. Our dentists are always happy to discuss treatment options during an obligation-free consultation.

To schedule an appointment or consultation to see if dental or denture implants are the right option for you, give our office near Broomall a call today at 484-712-2010. You can also book your appointment online. Now is the best time to take that first step in restoring a full and healthy smile!

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