Treat Symptoms Of Periodontal Disease With Periodontic Treatment

Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on treating and preventing periodontal (gum) diseases, which can cause a host of oral and overall health issues when left to flourish. At Legendary Smiles in Havertown, our dental experts deliver the high-quality care and treatment options our patients need to protect and strengthen their smiles.

What does periodontal treatment involve?

Our comprehensive periodontal services include deep cleaning, scaling, root planing, gum grafts, and more. We also provide oral health education that enables our patients to better protect their oral health on a daily basis.

What benefits do these services provide?

In addition to the fact that periodontal care helps treat and control periodontal disease, which lowers a patient’s risk for gum recession, infection, tooth loss, and more, it also helps patients understand how they can improve their daily dental hygiene habits to protect their smiles. What’s more, periodontal care can also reduce a patient’s risk for a series of systemic health conditions that can develop or worsen as a result of periodontal disease, including heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Who is a good candidate for periodontal treatment?

If you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of gum/periodontal disease, it is essential to seek immediate attention to receive prompt and ongoing treatment. Some common signs that you’re experiencing issues include red, swollen gums, tenderness in the gum line, excessive bleeding during brushing or flossing, gums that are pulling away from teeth, chronic bad breath, loose teeth, and more.

If you think periodontal treatment may be right for you, contact Legendary Smiles today for an evaluation. Our team of experienced professionals is here to help you protect your gum and overall health!

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