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How to Handle a Dental Emergency While Traveling

As the holiday season approaches, many of us will be hitting the road to visit our family and friends to spend some much-needed quality time together. As the leading provider of family dentistry near Haverford, PA, we want to help you prepare for your holiday vacation by giving you some tips for handling a dental emergency while traveling.  


One of the easiest ways to prepare yourself for a dental emergency while traveling starts before you even embark on your journey. The first step to preventing a dental emergency is to catch it before it happens so before you leave for your vacation, you should schedule a check-up with your dentist. Scheduling an appointment in advance will allow your dentist to determine if there are any issues with your teeth that need to be addressed before you leave.

Even with all the extra planning, there is no guarantee that you won’t experience a dental emergency while traveling so here are a few suggestions for how to handle common dental problems while you’re far away from your dentist.

Toothache: Try rinsing your mouth out with warm salt water to dislodge any food particles that may be causing your discomfort. If you don’t find any relief, you can try dental floss or over-the-counter pain medication.

Missing Filling: If over-the-counter dental cement is available where you are traveling, use it to temporarily protect your tooth from bacteria and food particles. In cases where you can not get your hands on dental cement, you can use sugar-free gum as a substitute to fill the cavity.

Knocked Out Tooth: Remember, always handle your dislodged tooth by its crown and never to touch its root. After cleaning the tooth, try to place the tooth back in its socket or in a glass of milk. If you can make it to a dentist office within one hour, you may be able to save your tooth.

Seek Emergency Dental Care

As a trusted provider of family dentistry in Broomall, PA, Legendary Smiles wants to remind you that these emergency dental solutions are temporary and won’t work as a long-term solution for your dental problems. These solutions are great for holding patients over until they can make an appointment with a dental professional.

If you are are planning a vacation and need to have a check-up before you leave, please Legendary Smiles Dentistry of Havertown at 484-712-2010.

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