Six Steps To Brighter Teeth With In-Office Whitening By Your Dentist In Havertown

Sometimes no matter what you do, how often you brush, how regularly you rinse, you just can't seem to get that sparkle back into your smile. Teeth can darken, get stained, and discolor for several reasons. And the most common? Yellowing of aging due to thinning of white-colored enamel that shows the yellow-colored dentin underneath. You can also get tooth stains from drinking coffee, tea, or soda and eating high-pigment foods like dark berries. Even a blow to the mouth, old silver-colored fillings, and tetracycline treatment can leave your teeth dingy.

As your dentist in Havertown, we provide professional in-office teeth whitening so that you can smile with complete confidence again.

5 steps for in-office teeth whitening that provide dynamic results!

  1. Cleaning – Before in-office teeth whitening treatment begins, we need to ensure your teeth are very clean as anything that is between the whitening agent and the teeth (for example plaque, tartar, or food debris) will act as a barrier and lessen the results or make the whitening treatment uneven. That’s why a professional dental cleaning in our practice will ensure that debris is fully removed prior to starting treatment. It’s like any other cleaning experience you’ve had during previous hygiene appointments! We’ll remove the hard calculus or tartar from above and below the gumline (something only your dental professional can do), and then we’ll polish your teeth. Many of our patients find it a time saver (and a money saver) if we combine an in-office teeth whitening treatment with your usual regularly scheduled hygiene appointment. Just make sure we have enough time to schedule in an extended appointment. Give us a call today!
  1. Determination of desired tooth shade – First we’ll discuss your whitening goals. Before you arrive, consider the level of whitening you’d like. Some of our patients just want a bit of a pick-me-up while others want that Hollywood flash! The professional-strength whitening gel we use is powerful enough to lighten teeth up to eight shades – and that’s gorgeously dramatic! Once we’ve decided together the level of whitening you want to achieve, we will show you an example of the desired color next to your current teeth with the use of a shade guide (like an artist’s color wheel), so that together we’ll re-confirm the optimal shade for your new smile, confirming our direction. We will then document your pre-treatment teeth color so that after treatment, we can compare and admire.
  2. Isolation of your teeth and application of the whitening agent – We take precautions to ensure that the whitening gel is applied to your teeth. This is done by use of a physical barrier that is placed over your gums. We’ll also place a protective barrier so that your lips do not touch the whitening gel. All these isolation procedures are done because the whitening gel, with it’s powerful whitening agent, can irritate your gums, lips, cheeks, and tongue. As always, we want you to be 100% comfortable. We’ll show you everything we’re going to use as we go along. If at any time you have questions or are not clear on the treatment steps, let us know. We want you to have all the answers you need.