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Invisalign 101: What You Need To Know About The Treatment And Process

Having crooked teeth or large gaps in between them can be more than unsightly. It can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and even painful. If you’re looking to correct your smile through orthodontic treatments, you should consider the state-of-the-art Invisalign technology to straighten teeth and create an alluring and beautiful smile.

The Clear Choice For An Improved Smile

Commonly, traditional orthodontic treatments include metal braces that can not only be unaesthetic, but they can be uncomfortable and even irritating to the inside of the mouth. In comparison, Invisalign utilizes a series of comfortable and clear aligners, all of which are customized to the contours of your mouth for a snug fit. This means no attractive wires, glued brackets, and annoying rubber bands. Just clear aligners that just about no one will notice!

The Freedom To Eat Your Favorite Foods

At Legendary Smiles, we want you to enhance your smile in comfort. Invisalign aligners are completely removable, which means you won’t need any special tools or devices to clean around them, as is the case with traditional braces. This means you’ll have no issues brushing or flossing, and the added bonus is that you get to continue eating your favorite foods, some of which don’t always mesh well with braces (we’re looking at you, corn on the cob)!

The Process

The process of obtaining Invisalign treatment and aligners is simple and straightforward. We may use digital scanning technology, as well as photos, impressions, and molds, all to precisely map out your mouth and teeth and plan for their careful movement. We’ll send these measurements and information to a specialized laboratory where they’ll be custom fabricated to our exact specifications.

Next, when your clear aligners are ready, we will finalize their fit into your mouth to ensure they’re comfortable and snugly in place. After that, you can begin wearing the aligners, and the process of beautifying your smile can begin!

You’ll wear your Invisalign aligners all day, for about 20-22 hours, only taking them out to eat and brush/floss. Approximately every two weeks you’ll graduate to the next set of aligners and be that much closer to a new and improved you.

Correcting and enhancing your appearance through orthodontics can be a perfect way to instill lasting confidence and assuredness in yourself. Don’t postpone making this incredible personal transformation.

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