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Teeth Whitening Dentist

Are you looking to brighten and improve your smile with professional teeth whitening? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Legendary Smiles of Havertown, we offer both in-house and take-home teeth whitening services that remove unwanted stains and discoloration, revealing a beautiful, new smile you can be proud of. If you are unsure whether you’d like to do in-office teeth whitening sessions or a take-home kit, let us give you a little information about both.woman who just got dental whitening in havertown pa

Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening

Our teeth whitening dentists serving Havertown, Broomall, and Haverford will start the in-office whitening procedure by prepping the teeth with routine teeth cleaning, wiping away debris and plaque, and also checking for any other potential dental problems like decay, cracks, or gum disease. If any of these issues are present, the whitening procedure may be delayed until they are fixed.

After, if your teeth and gums are healthy, the dentist will then take photos of your teeth and take note of their color on a shade guide. This information will be kept on file to assess your progress and re-adjust treatment if needed.

It’s time to start the teeth whitening process after all of these measures are taken care of. Legendary Smiles of Havertown utilizes 15-minute sessions at a time to monitor our patient’s sensitivity levels, ensuring the utmost comfort and satisfaction for our patients. Although results may vary, our in-office teeth whitening sessions can whiten teeth anywhere between two and eight shades, with the option of performing more sessions or taking home some bleaching trays.

To learn more about our teeth whitening dental services that are performed in-office, give us a call at 484-712-2010 and we would be happy to provide more information to you.

Convenient Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Life can be busy and not everyone has time for in-office teeth whitening services, but that’s okay because Legendary Smiles near Broomall also offers convenient whitening take home kits for our patients. Professionally dispensed take-home teeth whitening kits are just as effective, if not more effective than a teeth whitening procedure that is performed in-office. To get started with a take-home kit, Legendary Smiles will first want to schedule an appointment for a routine cleaning, then we can proceed creating your very own custom kit to be used at home.

How to Maintain Your Smile Post-Treatment

One of the biggest concerns that Legendary Smiles hears from our patients after a teeth whitening procedure is, “How do I maintain my bright, beautiful smile after treatment?” Follow the steps below for a pearly smile for years to come.

⦁ Use a whitening toothpaste. This will remove surface stains and prevent discoloration.
⦁ Try brushing your teeth or rinsing them with a whitening agent after eating or drinking stain-causing food or beverages.
⦁ If you are a woman, avoid orange or brown colored lipsticks and opt for something pink or cool-toned. Teeth will appear much whiter.
⦁ Teeth whitening is not meant to last forever. Get a touch-up every six months to a year.
⦁ Use a straw when consuming dark-colored beverages.

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