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invisalignInvisalign® implements a modern approach to making your teeth straight, using a custom-made series of aligners created uniquely and solely for you. As an alternative to braces in Havertown, these trays of aligners are made of smooth plastic that are worn over your teeth. You will look in the mirror and see a great smile without the inconveniences and hassles that braces provide.

When you wear Invisalign® to improve the appearance of your teeth, you’re treated to a variety of benefits as opposed to traditional braces. There are no metal brackets to attach and no wires that cause pain in the mouth. You can simply pop in a new set of aligners every couple of weeks.

Depending on your progress, and how often your trays are worn, the total treatment time will vary from patient to patient. The whole treatment can take up to 15 months to see the results you want, and you could go through as many as 30 trays before the treatment concludes. Each Havertown Invisalign® patient varies in their wants and needs.

By using a custom aligner by one of our dentists in Havertown, you won’t have to make all the trips to the office for adjustments. The only adjustment you need to make is the insertion of new trays once you see the movement. When you replace aligners with the next custom set of trays, you will gradually begin to see your smile enhance and your teeth straighten to its final position.

As compared to braces, you will have fewer dietary restrictions. We advise you to remove your aligners whenever you sit down to eat, as well as when you have a drink or brush your teeth. When you wear the aligners, your teeth will shift into place.

The best part about the treatment process of Invisalign® in Havertown is that most people won’t even know you’re straightening your teeth. The trays are made with 3D imaging technology, and the appliance is clinically proven to be effective for patients. We are part of the 70% of dentists and orthodontists certified to provide patients with this treatment.

Feel free to consult with a dentist in Havertown to see if Invisalign® is an appropriate appliance to fix your teeth. If you are missing a tooth and want to straighten out the other teeth, our dentists will provide you with tooth implants in Havertown before we customize your trays for you.

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